Focker Family Fun

You met the parents and the Fockers, now its time to meet the Little Fockers. Even with loads of giggles, the young Focker children don’t exactly live up to the two sequels before them., Little Fockers would be a great movie to rent and watch at home like on a rainy day but, I wouldn’t really say it’s the best movie to pay to see at the theatres.

Robert DeNiro was the same over protective father-in-law that he’s been in all the movies so that wasn’t disappointing. However Jessica Alba’s character in the movie was one of the most annoying people ever.  It seemed like she was the one with a “double dose of Focker” in her.

Ben Stiller battles with trying to please his father-in-law and become the GodFocker by having financial security, a good education for his children, and a home for his family. Robert DeNiro also discovers that maybe using his old CIA techniques to spy on people might not be as good as simply just using Google. There’s also a school entrance interview for the Little Fockers at the Early Humans School, which happens to be one of the funniest moments in the movie.

Even though there’s a lot of twists and turns in this movie it’s a great plot that won’t disappoint you.

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